Tasting Notes

We have broken down the tasting notes for each variety of wine. Invercarron takes pride in our quality, not quantity. We understand that great wines begin in the vineyard. Countless hours are spent tending to our vines, canopy and soil health to produce superior fruit.

Here you can learn more about the process, from when we pick the wine to putting it in the bottle. We are a single-site vineyard and we pride ourselves on being able to trace all the grapes back to their single source. Because of this, the tasting notes of each variety are unique and reflect the hard work and nurture invested in the product.

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Pinot Noir 2023

Meticulously hand-selected according to clonal ripeness, this Pinot Noir was batch fermented utilising both indigenous and cultured yeasts.

Crafted with elegance and purity at its heart, floral and sweet cherry notes dominate.

  •  100% destemmed for all fruit. Extended cold soak on one fruit portion for colour and mouthfeel. No cold soak on the other fruit percentage to maintain freshness.
  • A combination of old and new first-class French oak, 30% new.
  • Use of wild and inoculated yeast which provided beautiful aromatics, complexity and structure.
  • Only small quantities produced.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Clones Abel, 777, D4V2 & D5V12.

Chardonnay 2023

Hand-picked. Whole-bunch pressed.

Naturally settled overnight prior to fermentation, and maturation in first class French Oak, 25% new. Partial malolactic fermentation and fastidious lees stirring added the final touches to a Chardonnay at the forefront of cool climate elegance. Minerality and stone fruits drive this wine.

  • Handpicked and whole bunch pressed, naturally settled over night prior to fermentation.
  • Partial Malolactic fermentation and fastidious lees stirring.
  • Maturation in first class French Oak, 25% new.
  • Minerality and Stone Fruits drive this wine.
  • Vegan friendly
  • Clones 95, 76 and Mendoza (Gin Gin).

Pinot Gris 2023

Fruit was separated into two distinct picks: one early season, one late.

This technique allowed the wine to achieve superb freshness and vibrancy, whilst achieving an aromatic depth and intensity that defines Tasmanian Pinot Gris. Quince, fig and pear notes dominate this lush palate.

  • Two separate fruit picks fermented separately for using alternative yeast strains. One yeast which provides a delicate mouthfeel and the other for aromatics.
  • All fruit was whole bunch pressed.
  • Minimal lees stirring due to the low volume.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Clone D1V7

Rosé 2023

100% Rosé made from Pinot Noir. Neutral oak fermented. Neutral oak aged.

This is a remarkably aromatic and expressive wine, supported by a creamy, textured palate that defines high quality rosé.  A crisp, dry wine bursting with strawberry confection.

  • Saignee style Rose’.
  • Saignee allows us to get a fruit drain directly from the Pinot Noir ferment, so it’s a full representation of that year’s Pinot Noir, but in Rosé form.
  • Drained after 15 hours on skins directly to 2 barrels.
  • Inoculated with highly aromatic yeast strain.
  • Lees stirred for introduction of highly desirable creamy compounds.
  • Barrelled aged (neutral oak, 4-5-year-old barrels) for 3 months. This entices lovely textured, softness and pallet diversity.
  • Vegan friendly.